Breath Ball (version 6.0 or later) supports any Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors that implements the standardized Bluetooth Heart Rate Profile. Here’s a list of supported devices that have been confirmed:

  • Polar H10
    Type: Chest strap
  • Wahoo TICKR
    Type: Chest strap
  • Garmin HRM
    Type: Chest strap

The following heart rate monitors should work, but have not yet been confirmed:

  • Polar H9
    Type: Chest strap
  • Berry King Heartbeat
    Type: Chest strap

Devices on the list below are incompatible – i.e. these won’t work:

  • Viatom O2 Ring
    Type: Ring.
  • Amazfit Band 5
    Type: Smartwatch
  • Garmin Forerunner 55
    Type: Smartwatch
  • Polar Verity Sense
    Type: Arm strap
  • Polar Ignite 3
    Type: Smartwatch
  • Soundcore Liberty 4
    Type: Earbuds

How to tell if a Heart Rate Monitor is supported by Breath Ball?

In general, any Heart Rate Monitor that that supports the standardized Bluetooth Heart Rate Profile should work. But to be sure, there are two ways to verify:

  1. Try to connect to a Heart Rate Monitor in Breath Ball.
    If the connection fails, there will be an error. If it succeeds, the heart rate monitor icon at the top right corner will change.
  2. Using a generic Bluetooth LE scanner app:
    If a Bluetooth LE scanner app displays “Heart Rate Service” (Service ID: 0x180D), for a given Heart Rate Monitor, then it should work with Breath Ball.


Please help expanding this list

If you can confirm that a devices will (or will not) work with Breath Ball, please let us know about. Simply enter the name of the manufacturer and the name of the product in the form below and press “Send”.

Thank you for your help.