How to lower high blood pressure using slow paced breathing

Slow paced breathing is used in clinical environments to relieve Hypertension (high blood pressure). This tutorial teaches you the fundamentals.

Disclaimer: Slow paced breathing alone is NOT a sufficient therapy! It is only a complementary treatment that is beneficial, easy to use, and free of charge.

Consult with a medical professional before treating any medical conditions with Breath Ball and/or slow paced breathing.

You are using Breath Ball and this tutorial at your sole responsibility.

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How to do slow paced breathing

  1. Inhale for four seconds through your nose into your belly.
  2. Exhale for six seconds.
  3. Repeat for 10 minutes.
    Please note:
    • Breathe into your belly to achieve the best effect.
    • The duration of the breathing session is important. Longer sessions lead to the better results. Exercise for at least 10 minutes.

Fighting high blood pressure

To lower your blood pressure, it is recommended to exercise twice a day. Ideally in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes each and over a duration of at least 8 weeks.

A scientific study revealed that regular users, who used belly breathing, lowered their systolic blood pressure on average by 8.4 mmHg and their diastolic blood pressure on average by 3.9 mmHg. Whereas regular users achieved a greater effect than sporadic users. So it is vital to stick and commit to it.

Positive side effects of slow paced breathing

Regular practice of slow paced breathing is highly effective to prevent and relieve stress. Studies have shown that anxiety and depressive symptoms receded and sleep disorders decreased. Regular practice increases your ability to concentrate and even a single session can causes an immediate improvement of quality of life.


This tutorial is a simplified summary of Prof. Dr. Thomas Loew’s book Langsamer atmen, besser leben. The book provides an in depth overview of the scientific research done in the field of slow paced breathing, its effects and use cases. If you understand German, this is the book you want to read.

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